Tadpoles (Age 2) Summer Program

Tadpoles is a drop-off Nature Enrichment Program designed for 2-year-olds and their curious minds. You may sign up for 1 week or up to all 6 weeks. See the Weeks and Themes below.


Children must be age 2 by December 31, 2016


9:30 am – 12:00 pm


Thursday and Friday: $150
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: $225
Monday through Friday: $375

**Week 3: Wed-Fri-$225

Important Information for your Camper:

  • Camp runs from 9:30 am to 12 pm
  • Snacks are provided for your camper
  • Bring a REUSABLE water bottle with your last name on it each day
  • Closed-toed shoes, a change of clothes and diapering supplies should come with your camper each day
  • If rainy/muddy, rain coats and boots should be provided
  • Sunscreen and Bug Spray must be applied at home each morning
  • Write your name on everything!

Registration for the 2017 Tadpoles Summer Camp for 2s is currently full.

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Week 1
June 19-June 23
Our Growing Garden 

How does a garden grow? The children will learn about the stages of a plant cycle through the exploration in the community garden at Cherry Lawn Park. They will have the opportunity to grow their very own plants while digging in the dirt, planting seeds and understanding what plants need to survive.  The children will also discover the importance of spiders, worms and other fascinating insects in gardens while observing them up close with magnifying glasses.

Week 2
June 26-June 30
Fun in the Fields

Fields are known as a place to play soccer and Frisbee or to simply enjoy a picnic in the sun. But it is also a home to many interesting insects, burrowing animals and ground covering plants. The children will learn how to share and care for this great open space as we explore the hidden habitats of the animals and plants who live here.

Week 3
**July 5-July 7
My Beautiful Backyard

We all love to spend time at home and in our backyards but we’re not the only ones who live there. Children will discover the many different animals and plants who call our backyards their home. They will enjoy learning about how we can appreciate the unique habitats of our shared space.

Week 4
July 10-July 14
Our Playful Pond 

During this week, the children will learn about the animals and insects who live and play in our pond. From the dancing dragonflies to the tiniest tadpoles, they will observe the busy lives of these special creatures who make the pond so much fun. We will discover how the smallest of eggs evolve into the largest of frogs, appreciate how the tall grasses and plants protect our pond and listen to the amazing songs of our animal friends.

Week 5
July 17-July 21
Fidgety Forest Friends 

Forests are filled with variety of trees, shrubs and plants and these are homes to small and large animals as well as many insects. The children will visit our forest while hiking on the trails, turning over logs, jumping off rocks and walking over streams. There is a lot of movement and sounds in our forest. This will be an excellent opportunity to inspect the different homes of our animal friends and learn what happens to the forest when the weather changes.

Week 6
July 24-July 28
The Snazzy Seas

From the warm sandy beaches to the deepest sea floors, the ocean is filled with an endless variety of plant and animal life and their unique habitats. The children will observe and touch fish and other sea animals who live in the vast sea. They will also discover the unique creatures who create their homes in the sand as we explore and enjoy a day playing at the beach on the last day of the week.